In order for workers and businesses to survive and thrive, employers, educators, civic leaders, and nonprofits are working together to create pipelines of skilled talent ready to fill open jobs in all industries.

Manufacturing has open jobs and it has extensive programs in place to fill them, particularly with veterans.

Retired brigadier general Carol Eggert is the SVP of military and veterans affairs at Comcast NBCUniversal. Eggert speaks with Babs Chase, VP of military and veterans programs at the Manufacturing Institute, about the industry-driven pipeline of talent.


This summer, Walmart surpassed a goal it set for itself seven years ago: hiring 250,000 new veteran associates by 2020.

Walmart’s Brynt Parmeter, senior director of military and STEM programs and a retired U.S. Army colonel, explains that the company’s goal is to not only hire veterans and their spouses, but to provide them with education benefits to set them on the path to the long-term careers of their choosing.

He shares details of the mission in this Work in Progress podcast.

Building a Tech-Savvy Military

Written by Jeff Ryder

Upskilling current soldiers promotes retention in the Army by demonstrating a commitment to invest in its tech talent. It will also assist and better prepare soldiers for transition out of uniform when the time comes. That’s the goal of the new Software Factory, a military-civilian collaboration taking advantage of the wealth of tech talent in and around Austin, Texas.